Hello from Paul Wickersham

My name is Paul Wickersham, MS LPC. I have been offering the LENS at Springfield Neurofeedback for nearly a year. I am excited that we are launching a new version of the website as we look forward to sharing the benefits of LENS with more people.

Over the years, I had learned to manage my symptoms of anxiety fairly well, however, it was not until I received LENS neurofeedback that I began to experience freedom from anxiety. My mental clarity has continued to improve long after LENS sessions ended. I continue to become more at ease in social situations. I enjoy sleep more than I once knew was possible.

I was so impressed with the results of LENS neurofeedback that I wanted to make it available to others and I trained to become a LENS Practitioner.

I am a Licensed Professional Counselor in the State of Missouri. I worked in a psychiatric hospital for three years and I offered counseling services in private practice for eight years. My primary focus is now neurofeedback though I am available for counseling in some circumstances. Neurofeedback is not counseling or psychotherapy, though I often draw on my experience as a counselor when providing neurofeedback. I also draw on my experience in small business and my experience with a transnational corporation when I work with professionals who are seeking to optimize their performance with LENS.

I have been honored to provide the LENS to many people over the past year. I have been delighted to see so many achieve improvement of their symptoms and develop a greater sense of ease in their daily lives. I have also witnessed seemingly miraculous results with the LENS. I know that what I witnessed is the extraordinary capacity of the brain and body to regain balance with assistance from the LENS. I want to express my gratitude to the people with whom I have the pleasure of working.

I enjoy talking about the LENS and would be happy to answer your questions. You can call Springfield Neurofeedback at 417-812-5263. Some questions are answered on our FAQ page, so be sure to check there. If you are interested in pursuing the LENS, check out our Get Started page for additional information about the LENS.