Paralyzed Man Walks with Brainwave Technology

A news story making the rounds today is about a man who has been paralyzed for five years and is now able to walk due to a syntheses of technologies which use brainwaves to bypass a severed spine.

This new technology is an exciting use of brainwave technology, however, it is not neurofeedback.

Huffington Post described the new technology as follows:

In order to walk, the patient wore a cap with electrodes that detected his brain signals. These electrical signals — the same as those a doctor looks at when running an electroencephalogram (EEG) test — were sent to a computer, which "decoded" the brain waves. It then used them to send instructions to another device that stimulated the nerves in the man's legs, causing the muscles to move.

In neurofeedback, we have used an EEG to measure brainwaves and provide brainwave feedback for decades. It is interesting and exciting to see brainwave technology used to help this man walk.

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